Friday, January 9, 2015

The Daily Banana

If you follow the WhiMSy love Facebook page, or Instagram feed, you already know about "The Daily Banana".
You see, Pazely is obsessed with the word "banana". Lately, she says it all the time.
Me: "Hi, Pazely!"
Pazely: "Banana."

Me: "What do you want for breakfast, Pazely?"
Pazely: "Banana."

Me: "How was your day at school today?"
Pazely: "Banana."

Everything is "banana". She is a little weirdo & I love her.

Our close neighbors, who happen to be my parents/Pazely's Mimi + Papa, are away on a road trip. To be funny, Pazely & I sent them a few "banana" messages. You know, so they feel connected & don't miss home so much.  They've heard "banana" as much as I have, & we don't want them to miss that either. Every morning they open up their email & have a banana surprise: a photo, a video, a picture... (We think we are hilarious.)
Three days in, I had the idea to ask Pazely if she wanted to turn this into a year-long project. I mean, we were having so much fun doing this, why not? She thought it was a pretty cool idea.
Her exact response? 
Of course.

Just yesterday, we made this quick 6-second stop-motion video before school.
(The doodling is all Pazely. The ukulele is all me.)

I'm giddy because it gives us a chance to hang out & do something creative together.

Anyway, you know how when you get a new car, you start to see that same car everywhere? Or if you get a short hair cut, you notice everyone else's short hair? Stuff like that. Well, let me just tell you something. There are bananas EVERYWHERE.

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  1. Such a funny banana, ooppps idea, of course. It is always refreshing to stop by at your site, which is why I am following you now. All the best, Jana


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