Monday, January 5, 2015

Week in Review: December 29-January 4

My eyeballs are currently burning. On fire. I think they're mad at me for opening them. Seriously, naptime is a must for this girl today. After a 2 week vacation from school, it's time to give up the lazy, the dilly-dallying, the sleeping in, the "Q: What are we going to do today? A: Whatever we want!" attitude, & get back to routine + early mornings. (Waaaahhhh!)

The girls & I squeezed every bit of happy we could out of winter break. Just last night the girls bought those loom band things with cash earned from raking leaves. So far, I have made a purple dress charm, a moustache charm & a bow charm. Pazely keeps asking for her loom back, but I'm having too much fun! 
We painted nails.
We played games. Checkers,  Connect Four, & Tenzi, to be exact. 
We built snowmen. They died the next day. Darn Chinook. And my buns are totally feeling that workout! Making snowmen is a lot of work, I'll have you know.
We taped our faces. HAHA! Who knew a roll of tape could provide so much entertainment. Sadly, the Mr. wanted no part of the tape shenanigans. 
We doodled. 
With visiting cousins we took a hike (& the children, while climbing "mountains" --which were just piles of dirt & rocks--all declared: "This is better than a Narnia adventure!"), watched movies (Heaven is For Real, Dolphin Tale 2, & my FAVE: Box Trolls), went rollerskating, read books, had a sleepover, went out for ice cream, boxed with the Mr, ate SPAM for the first time (my girls' first time), & went on a shopping spree at the dollar store.
We made marshmallows.
We baked.
We made paper snowflakes.
We visited reindeer. And a fake Santa. The line was too long for the real one. A selfie with a Santa statue works in a jiffy!
We crafted.
We had a fancy tea with Mimi.
We visited the library.


Though it was sprinkled with bits of good & amazing & loveliness, I really am glad to see 2014 gone.
2014 was a sad year. A tough year. A trying year. One of my most unfavorite years to date, if you want to know the truth.
I'm hoping things are going to start looking up. At least that's where I'll look. Up.

Click HERE for a photo play-by-play.


  1. Beautiful reflections... *happy sigh*

  2. Trying and sad or not - you ended it well, and that has to count for something.


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