Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Short film debut: SOCKS

My 12-year old daughter, Zoey, & I have been working on a short film for the past 2 months. On & off between school & Fiddler on the Roof rehearsals & cello practice & homework & appointments & life...
We were actually on one of our monthly date nights & decided to make a side trip to Target since Zoey was in desperate need of some socks. (Who gets themselves in a position of desperately needing socks? Apparently my kid does.) When I take my girls on date night, I try to think of creative things to do that go along with the theme of their personality. Zoey has recently gotten a YouTube account & loves making silly videos. So I thought we'd add to her collection on this particular date.

Someday, when I grow up, I want to have an expensive video editing program & maybe some other fun toys for making films. Until then, I'm using what I have. Which is very basic & rather sad. 
I'm learning so much as I stumble around making videos. (And having so much fun doing it!) I love piecing together all the clips & recording the narrative & finding the perfect music & then seeing how it all comes together. I love it all. I'm pretty sure I'm wearing out Google, constantly searching "How do I do this?" & "How do I do that?" 

I think it's funny that we turned a simple errand into a movie. We are rather proud of the results. I'm sure a year from now this will appear like a Kindergartner made it. But isn't that what is so cool about learning & growing? When you have a physical reminder of how far you've come, it's rather encouraging & exciting. 

I've been reading Zoey all your comments from Facebook & other social media sites where the video is posted. This specific video link is from Zoey's YouTube account. So, be sure & comment. You'll make a preteen girl super happy. She checks the view count, like, all the time.

We hope this film will make you smile.
Our aim is to put a little happy in your day.
(You could grab some popcorn if you want, but by the time it's done popping, the movie will be half over.)


  1. Just watched it and giggled the whole way through! Great job. . . both of you!

  2. Great short film....I hope there are more to come. Editing is wonderful too. :-)


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