Wednesday, May 27, 2015

DIY: Mag Bags

 I recently participated in my second art/craft show. (The first one was 7 years ago.) There are so many little things you have to do to prepare for a craft show. I'd forgotten how many little things. One of those small details I realized I'd forgotten about were bags for customer purchases. 
So at the last minute I made some bags from magazines. I thought they were so simple & cute. They are easy to make & perfect for such an occasion if you have small items that you can package up for your customers.

• pages from magazines
• scissors
• glue stick
• decorative scissors (optional)

To make the bags, simply tear out two pages from a magazine & glue three sides together.
If your pages adhere together all wonky, or if you have torn edges (which, most likely, you will have) then use your scissors to straighten the edges.
Optional: use your decorative scissors to create a fancy edge on the top flap.

 Tuck the items inside &, if you'd like, seal with a piece of washi tape.

Another quick idea: manually feed brown paper lunch bags through your printer!


  1. Hey Nikki - I hope you are going to post some in depth info about how you went at the craft fair. Would love to see some photos! I bet you were a hit.

  2. Thanks Nikki! Such a fun idea! Can't wait to wrap something!


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