Tuesday, May 12, 2015


I wrote this post as part of a paid promotion with Columbia Center Mall. 
The opinions in this post are my own.
Here's a fact: most moms think about themselves last.
Here's another fact: sometimes I want to be first.
(But I will never admit that or say it out loud or ever really pursue making that a reality. In fact, I almost backspaced that whole sentence.)

Which is why it was fun to take my mother out this weekend for some mother-daughter fun where it was all about us
Columbia Center (a Simon Mall) invited women of all ages to come out for an evening of fun on Friday, May 8th. The event was called Indulge, & it was themed around fashion & beauty–& fun!

Mom & I got there just several minutes after it started. The registration line was fairly lengthy, but it didn't take too terribly long to get to the head of the line where we received our wristbands (only 500 were given away) & instructions:
Step 1: Wear this wristband at all times.
Step 2. Have fun, girlfriend! 

Mom & I wandered the mall, privy to special discounts & offers in 25 shops. We tried on clothes, entered numerous drawings for prizes, & played games to win even more prizes. (The kind of games where EVERYONE is a winner. My favorite kind.)  We received tons of giveaways like full-size bottles of lotion, pearl earrings, perfume samples, candy, tea, & more!  We got a hand massage from Bath & Body Works & a cat-eye makeover from The Body Shop. (*meow*) We made a jar of bath sugar scrub to take home.  ("One of my fave things of the evening!" said this crafty girl.) We sampled smoothies & mochas & energy drinks & popcorn & cheesecake & pretzels & cinnamon rolls. (Holy yumminess, Batman. Tiger popcorn at Carmelcorn is AMAZING. It's caramel covered cheese corn. Sounds gross. Tastes non-gross.)
There was live music playing the whole time & an energy of ladies abuzz throughout. 

“Held right before Mother’s Day, Indulge events create a perfect opportunity for Moms - who always think of others first - to focus on themselves and enjoy a social evening of fashion, food and fun.” —Jordan Young, Director of Marketing and Business Development at Columbia Center.

There was so much to do that we didn't even get to it all. Looking back, I wished we would have taken the time to get our pics taken at the photo booth they had set up. And we forgot to enter the drawing for the diamond necklace & diamond earrings from Weisfield Jewelers. Because I'm SURE we would have won those.

I will definitely attend again. If you get the chance to go next year, be sure to grab your mom or some girlfriends—& get there early.  (Some shops ran out of giveaways before the night was over. *sad face*)

Now for the fun part...
I get to give away a $100 Simon Mall VISA gift card! 
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If you could do one special thing for YOURSELF, what would that be?
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  1. This year's Indulge event was lots of fun, so glad I got to participate! It was great to see so many moms and daughters enjoying the night out.
    The one special thing I would do for myself is a foot massage! Being a mom often means a lot of running around and my tootsies get tired. ;)

  2. I'd get my first ever pedicure if I wanted to do something just for me. I think you know how to contact me. =)

  3. This may sound weird, but I'd like to rent a cottage in the country for a day...all by myself so I could read, craft, marathon watch a good series, nap and stay in my pj's all day. dvillano84@yahoo.com

  4. I think I would take a spa day! Never done that before and could use the pampering and relaxation. 13 weeks pregnant, so I'm anxious and tired and nauseous! Eares@tampabay.rr.com

  5. I second Debra's comment above except I'd like to go away all be myself for a week...or two! Just tired of being a mom and wife right now.

  6. Mani/pedi, scrapbook supplies and shopping for some capris!

  7. And my email is april_m_price@yahoo.com.

  8. I would take a day to ride my Mt bike with my lady friends, then go out for drinks after.

  9. I'd FINALLY print and hang our family pics and pics of the kids for our own home (not just for the grandparents). You know how to contact me ;-)

  10. Oh my goodness, so many things I would love to do. Mostly, I would love to go shopping for some new clothes (I usually buy consignment) and some of my favourite foods, then I would come home and bake something yummy (or eat it right out of the bag) and watch endless episodes of anything I desire on Netflix and curl up in bed and take a big ol' nap. Maybe after my nap I would go and get my hair done, because I think it's been about 2 years since someone has tried to tame this mop. Whoot! bmdesigns@gmail.com

  11. Eat assorted decadent cakes (like lemon & chocolate doberge) with coffee with my siblings around a small table. All six of them. Mick too. Laughing. (bethdelaune@gmail.com)

  12. Eat assorted decadent cakes (like lemon & chocolate doberge) with coffee with my siblings around a small table. All six of them. Mick too. Laughing. (bethdelaune@gmail.com)

  13. I would take a "ME" day. Sleep in late, meet with friends for lunch, sit by the lake with a new book and a fancy coffee drink. Just a slow day to relax and unwind. (:

  14. I'd take a day off to relax, go clothes shopping and craft. Sounds nice! :)
    dandelionsandlace at gmail dot com

  15. I could get a pedi and a long over due hair cut LOL