Friday, August 21, 2015

Pazely's 11th Birthday

Twenty kids recently joined us for a party by the river. Miss Pazely turned eleven years old. It was a simple affair, nothing fancy, but lots of fun! 

The invitations were simply a boxed set of blank cards. The colors seemed bright & summery & perfect. We printed all the party info on the inside of the cards from our computer.

The decor consisted of a few bunches of balloons & brightly colored, disposable plastic tablecloths. I picked up several beach pails + shovels + sand toys at the dollar store, too, & scattered those around. The kids used those later in the party to play at the river.

Drink & food = a giant jug of ice water + fruit kabobs. (I love fruit kabobs. And all the kids did, too!)

We played a few wet games as the party began. The Sponge Relay, Water Balloon Toss, Water Balloon Fight, & The Frozen T-Shirt Game.

The dessert was absolutely easy to make & it satisfied the birthday girl's peanut-butter-lovin' heart.
Find the recipe for Peanut Butter Lasagna HERE.
The kids LOVED the dessert. One girl even offered to lick the pan. But, um, I thought that sounded gross. I didn't want little girl stranger saliva on my baking dish. So I politely declined her suggestion.

Most of the party was spent letting the kids play at the river, splashing, squealing & having a super time in the sunshine. It was a great day & I loved watching my sweet birthday girl have a splendid day!

Party favors, as you may know, are my most favorite thing. Usually I purchase oodles of prizes & stuff them into festive party-themed pouches for everyone. But this time 'round I found these inexpensive beach balls for each party guest to take home.
Boom. Done.

My girls' birthdays the past couple years have been much different than they used to be. I felt slightly disappointed that I wasn't able to pull off all the cute details & give immense attention to every one of those details this year. A skinny wallet + a busy schedule + this mama inflicted with bronchitis didn't really equal the party of dreams, but we pulled it off anyway.
At the end of the day I heard the birthday girl proclaim, "Mom, this was the BEST PARTY EVER!"
Even though she says that EVERY year, it was still a relief to hear her say it.
I'm just glad she felt the love.


  1. The love that you put into your girls parties is and what matters and will be remembered!!! You're a great Mom!!

  2. Party by the river!! It sounds amazing. I am glad to see the kiddos having fun in these photographs. Personally I also like outdoor parties as there are fewer headaches in such parties. I host all our family parties at the domestic outdoor LA venues.

  3. Happy Birthday, Your good looks are go to the website
    living proof that Mother Nature sometimes wins the battle with Father Time.


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