Monday, June 27, 2016

Summer School: Week 2

This week it was just the Zoey girl & me hanging out, while little sister was on vacation with my parents during a special vacation they take every time one of their grandchildren turns 12. (Pazely got to cheat. She turns twelve this Thursday.) I focused all our activities & outings this week on my teenage daughter's interests & likes.

I found (& tried) several origami smartphone stands on Pinterest, but THIS was the one we liked best. 

Our weekly Tuesday walk to the library was timed around a summer class series about journaling that the library is teaching. In part 2 of 4 we made a mess with some different techniques on our newly decorated found object woven journals. 
(I say this all the time: check out your library for some FREE summer fun activities + summer reading programs for kids & teens!)

My girl with a love for lemon flavored anything made THESE Lemon Buddies all by herself. She can't stop eating them. 

Miss Zoey was curious about how World War 1 started. So I got some books from the library & we continue, even after the week has passed, to look at pictures & read stories about the first world war. And if giant adult non-fiction books scare you when researching a topic, check out the children's section! I'm serious. Sometimes I can't handle all those words. Give me pictures & simplicity any day.
I even found an online publication on hoopla with over 100 facts on WW1, which proved to be an excellent way to learn about this subject.

I packed a picnic & we headed to the river for a quick lunch. The seagulls encircled us at one time (I'm not joking people: a perfect circle.) & so we feared for our lives a wee bit. And then there was that bloated diaper at the river's edge which just sat there, all bloated, looking at us. But then we were visited by a random pelican & the world seemed right. 
We also stopped by a local art gallery, but our timing couldn't have been more imperfect: The walls were bare. Oh well. I tried. We still had fun!

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