Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Summer School: Week 4

I can't believe we've completed a month of summer! Sheesh. I couldn't be more happy with our weekly Summer Fun Schedule! It's been easy, breezy. No stress at all.
And this picture has nothing to do with our Summer School, but I had to share. The girls were in bed, supposed to be sleeping. But then I had to find a magnifying glass to get a splinter out of my finger. And, well, this happened. We laughed so hard--& couldn't stop laughing. We all made faces & took selfies & then it was for real bedtime.
Here's our recap of Summer School last week...

The girls are pen-pals with three of their cousins. (They live 20 minutes away. But, hey, it's still fun.) We decided to do some fun snail mail. I found the balloon idea on Pinterest. And we also added a fun questionnaire for them to exchange with their pen-pals.  The one pictured is HERE. Another fun one is HERE.

I am so sad because our walks to the library have had to stop. I broke a little bone under my big toe &, though the major pain has subsided, I am required to wear a boot for the next few weeks so the bone can heal. That doesn't stop our reading. And I can still drive to the library. But aren't you sad for me? (Haha!)

Watermelon Water.
So good.
Fill a pitcher with ice cubes & small slices of watermelon. (Clean the watermelon rind before cutting.) Crush a little bit of the watermelon in the water to intensify the flavor just a wee bit.

Experiment: Fit an egg inside a bottle.
I found a video on YouTube HERE that explains the how-to AND the why. If you can do the experiment outside, I would recommend that.

I surprised the girls with a morning out yard sale-ing. At first, we had trouble finding sales. But we continued on & finally had some success. We each had $7 to spend. Pazely spent $4 on a new case for her Kindle. I found a vintage apron, a vintage pitcher/vase, & a vintage-inspired napkin holder for $3. Zoey was empty-handed at the end of our excursion. We had fun making fun of other people's junk & stopped by the library cafe so the girls could spend the rest of their money on Italian sodas & sweets.

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