Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Summer School: Week 5

The girls & I are hoping to have a Fairy Garden before summer's end. We've been collecting & making stuff over the last several months. We just made THE cutest acorn birdhouse for our soon-to-be fairy home. There is so much fairy garden goodness on Pinterest! Find out how to make the birdhouse HERE.

The girls & I were introduced to zines at the library this week. 
We have also started reading aloud the final book in The Wrinkle in Time quintet. (Drawing to a close on a book series is a feeling of mixed emotions! But I can't wait to decide what we'll read together next.)

I kept seeing a recipe floating around on Facebook about making bread in a bag. I thought it sounded fun. The hyperlapse video showed all the ingredients being mixed in a bag & it looked like you just plopped it in a bread pan & baked it. But, no. You still have to dump that gooey mess onto a floured surface & knead it for several minutes. 
The girls were SO PROUD that they actually made a loaf of bread.

The girls & I conducted an experiment to see how strong a piece of paper was. Particularly, we compared 3 different columns constructed {each} from a piece of paper.
A triangle. A square. And a circle. We then stacked books on top of each column, predicting first which column we thought would support the most books. I found the idea HERE, including the simple explanation of the science behind it all. 

Zoey & I brought a blanket + camping chairs + popcorn + candy to see the movie "Inside Out" outdoors as part of our city's Family Movie Series on Friday Nights. (Sadly, Pazely wasn't feeling well, so she stayed home.)

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