Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Summer School: Week 6

Ack! I'm late getting last week's Summer School recap put together. We continue to fill our days with learning & fun –& everything we do is so, so simple. Just adding a tiny bit of "something" to our weekdays so we feel like we're making the most of summer. We refuse to let another wasted summer pass us by! I really wish I had thought to do something like this YEARS ago. That "Summer Fun Diary" I did for a few years when the girls were younger was a LOT of work. This Summer School? Not so much. (Again, we use the word "school" loosely". It's kind of a joke between us, really.)

I'm trying to come up with a format for these weekly Summer School blog posts that is interesting. I should have thought about that before I started. Oh well. Nothing like stumbling around in the middle of it all in a public forum until you get it just right.

Giant. Cheeseburger. Postcard.
So cool, right?
I got the idea from My Poppet Makes. Pazely wanted to make a giant slice of red velvet cake. We have not mailed them yet. Gonna do that soon. I'll let you know the cost. 'Cause...I'm kinda scared of what the postage will be.
UPDATE: Each postcard cost $2.45 to send. Not bad at all!

Ok, confession: Our library fees are almost at $20.00. Should I be ashamed? I don't know. With all our fees over the years, I'm pretty sure we have financed some of the new improvements the library has made. I'm surprised there's not a new wing especially built in our honor. Or at least a plaque with our names engraved.
I went in last week to pay our fees, & THE COOLEST THING HAPPENED! Somehow the expiration date on my debit card is too far in the future &, for whatever reason, their antiquated machines weren't able to process the transaction. So the staff decided to wipe our fees away! Gone. Poof. Zero balance.

Milkshakes were on the menu. My girls are opposites when it comes to flavor. Zoey made a strawberry banana milkshake. (I was happily surprised to find a combo package of strawberries + bananas in the freezer aisle at the grocery store.) Pazely made a chocolatey chocolate chocolate milkshake with chocolate syrup, cool whip, & chocolate sprinkles. (And if we had chocolate chips, she would have added that too.)

We made plastic from milk. So weird & cool & fun! We learned the how-to from Steam Powered Family. The girls will use acrylic paints to decorate them when they're all dried.

I surprised the girls with bowling. I LOVE bowling. (Unfortunately I cannot bowl because of my bum foot all wrapped in this dumb medical boot thingie.) We bowled for free, too! Just visit to sign up your littles (age 18 & under). You still have to pay for shoe rentals. But I happen to have a pair of bowling shoes from when I was in high school that Pazely can wear, so we only paid for one pair of shoes. $2.72 for 2 games each of bowling? That's a steal! (And we are currently on the lookout for a size 9 for Zoey so we can REALLY bowl the rest of the summer for free!)

Hope your summer is full of happy!
See you Monday for the Week #7 recap of Summer School!

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  1. Lovely post. Our library fees are always high...think of it as a donation. We love libraries.
    Also, the page looks perfect :)

    1. Thanks, Salma! Yes, I've had a life of donating to the library. Haha! We do love our library though.

  2. I am always racking up the library fines! My sister and I always joke we just like to support our local libraries ;-) I have had fines over $20 before as well :-)

    1. I even tried to get my fine lowered once when it was about *coughcoughthirtyfivedollarscoughcough*. But the head librarian said the only way they could help me is if I was sick & couldn't possibly make it down to the library. That was no help to me.
      I used to live in a small town in Nebraska (Bridgeport) & our library there had "Free Fine Fridays" where you could bring in any & all of your late books without them being overdue! It was AWESOME!!!!


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