Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Summer School: Week 8

Ok, it's official. I've had a moment. And by "moment" I mean I had an almost-breakdown about the constant interaction with my children & getting zero breaks during the summer. *sigh* Does that make me sound like a bad mom? If so, oh well. It was a good reminder that mama's need to take care of themselves too. 
Here's a recap of our week at Summer School...

The girls & I made some more accessories for our soon-to-be fairy garden. This time, we used clay as our medium to create little vegetables. We love Sculpey III. Oh, & look at the adorable potted seedling!! *Squee!*

The girls & I have begun a new series: The Incorrugible Children of Ashton Place. We recently learned that the last book in the series (book #6) is expected to be published next year (2017). It's an easy read, until we can figure out what we want to read next. Any favorites you can suggest for my 12 & {almost} 14-year old?

Salted Caramel Apple Hand Pies. This is about the 3rd time I've made these. They are so delicious! It's a bit of work, but worth it. I used my grandmother's pie dough recipe. The hand pie recipe is from Just a Taste.

The girls took an E-Textiles class at the library this week. They used felt & LED lights to make little creations. Pazely worked on a polka dotted bowtie, & Zoey made a heart-eyed emoji. It was challenging, but I'm so proud of them!

I took the girls to the Dollar Tree where we had some fun. First, I gave them each a dollar to hide somewhere in the store for somebody to find. (My friend Susan & I did this as part of 37 Random Acts of Kindness the year I turned 37. So much fun!)

Zoey hid her dollar in a piggy bank in the toy aisle. Pazely hid hers in a little plastic Minion container. They saw a mother find that dollar & turn it in to store management who said, "Wow, that's interesting. Hopefully someone claims it!" (Are you serious, people?!?! Please, just let us succeed at being kind!!) Next time we will have to attach some paperwork to the dollar bill explaining the fact that this is a "finders keepers" situation & to please not involve management in the discovery of this item. Lesson learned, I guess? Never in a million years would I think someone wouldn't just keep the darn thing. 
I even posted that photo on Instagram & used the hashtag #randomactsofkindessfail. Mine is the only photo pictured under that hashtag. Haha!
We aren't even done with all the fun! I then handed the girls a list + an inkpen. Time for a scavenger hunt! The list had them find items like: baby socks, frozen mac-n-cheese, tiny paper drink umbrellas, a flashlight... + they had to spray perfume on themselves, & yell their sister's name loudly while adding "I love you!" It was a close race, but Zoey won.
And lastly, it was time for a shopping spree. I gave the girls a few dollars each so they could buy themselves one item & their sister one item. They decided to buy each other three items & themselves zero items! So sweet. We put the items in a dollar store bag & had a gift exchange in the store. Then we ditched the gift bags & bought the items. Ha!

Three weeks left of Summer School! I can honestly say my girls seem like they are fading with this whole Summer School business. (Mostly Pazely.) If they had their own way, they'd be on electronics 24/7. Thankfully they don't get their own way when digital devices are concerned. I know this is good stuff for them. I'm trying to hang on. I've even threatened to cancel Summer School a time or two. But it doesn't help when Pazely's response to that is "Yay!!!!!!"

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  1. If you want a good discussion book, The Giver is good, and then you can watch the recent movie (which has cute boys!) and talk about how they differ.
    One that I love is The True Meaning of Smekday. A girl and anot alien go on a road trip. It's really funny, though it might be a little young for the 14 yo.
    Little Women and its sequels are good. Other series you might like are: Anne of Green Gables, The Mysterious Benedict Society, or any of Meg Cabot's YA titles.


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